What were you most proud of in yourself as a learner?
What suprised you?
What was your greatest challenge?
How did you overcome that? Strategies and Resources?
What would you suggest to another learner taking this course?
What would you suggest to the instructor to help future learners?
What was your greatest celebration?
Would you recommend this course to another learner? Why/Why Not?

First one...Hope I'm doing this right!

I came into this workshop not really knowing what we’d be covering or where I would fit in. I left this class with ample information and ideas to use in my classroom and to share with colleagues. I was surprised by number of tools that are available to use (and are free)! I had heard of some of them, but there was so much more than I could have imagined. My greatest challenge is figuring out how to organize my new world of options. I haven’t overcome that yet…it’s a work in progress.

I’m proud of myself for jumping into this. It’s intimidating and somewhat scary for me because it’s so new and unexplored. I’m learning more each day that I dive a little deeper into these resources. It’s amazing but still overwhelming.

I had dreams of Twitter and Wikispaces last night. The first thing I did this morning was check my Twitter. I found 2 tweets with links to information that were relevant to my teaching and I found 4 more people to follow. (I didn’t even know what a tweet was 4 days ago!) I’m so excited to go to school and share this with my colleagues- I can only hope that I when I share it, I can convey the value of everything.

Thanks Angela!!! Eileen Kinney

What were you most proud of in yourself as a learner? I was most proud of the fact that there's a lot that I don't know and with a little time and effort I can become more knowledgeable.
What suprised you? I'm really reluctant to take that next step to make myself present on the web.
What was your greatest challenge? My fear is that I will be judged and critiqued for what I write on the web. My language arts skills need some improvement.
How did you overcome that? Strategies and Resources? I think you just take the plunge and start writing. I hope to become a better writer, listener, communicator, etc. There are a ton of resources out there to use, just pick one and use it.
What would you suggest to another learner taking this course? I would suggest to another learner taking this course start small. Just pick one thing that you are going to get better at. When you feel that you are comfortable with that then move on. I started with Twitter (still not comfortable Tweeting) but love reading Tweets, then I created a Wiki (a work in progress) and then I made an attempt at creating a Blog (needs a lot of work).
What would you suggest to the instructor to help future learners? You might have to spend a little more time holding some learners hands before they make the jump off the cliff:)
What was your greatest celebration? I have a Twitter account. I have a school wiki for staff development started. I might figure out blogging.
Would you recommend this course to another learner? Why/Why Not? I thought this course was fabulous it really stretches you as a learner. Thanks Angela!
Mary Hunt

After our 3 days with Angela, my whole thought process has changed. After attending ITEC this fall and learning all of the amazing Web 2.0 tools, I was more concerned about the “What”. Now I understand why we must first deal with the “Why.”
My greatest challenge is to find a way to have original, creative content in the 7 different classes I teach. I feel totally overwhelmed and I know that it will be a slow process and I need to be patient. The end result will be worth it!!
All of us “life long learners” need to understand that we need to teach to our children’s future and not our pasts. We need to be able to change the way we teach, rather than change the way they learn.
My greatest celebration is just having the background knowledge I need to help my students be creative and fearless. To SHOW them that who they are matters and that their thoughts are valued.
Thanks for everything Angela. Your insights will be used wisely in my classroom!!
Brenda Ortmann

I had a wonderful time at the Digital Learning Conference through Prairie Lakes AEA. I was proud that over the few days I was there, I joined the worldwide conversation. I joined the other geniuses playing nice in the digital world. It surprised me that my worldview could expand so quickly. Now, for instance, I am more concerned than ever about the flooding in Australia because I have friends like Anne who are affected. My greatest challenge is that I don’t have time to learn and apply all that I’m learning. I would definitely suggest this class for anyone, even the most reluctant among us. I liked the large group times with Angela sharing her wisdom. One suggestion would be to spend time in the large group exploring and celebrating each other’s online worlds—blogs, web pages, YouTube videos or whatever we had to share. I’m celebrating the same thing that I am proud of, that I’ve joined the digital discussion. I thank Angela and the others in the class who made that possible.
Denise Krebs http://mrsdkrebs.edublogs.org

One of the most important things that I've taken from this workshop was the way I speak with the children that come into my classroom. I have learned that "Every Word and Every Minute Counts", and that means that I must treat my students as readers, learners and geniuses! The greatest challenge for me is that I learned so much and want it all to be working in my classroom right away. I had to step back many times to remind myself that small steps can really make a big difference. If I were to suggest anything to future learners of Angela's I would tell them to come with an open mind and be prepared to have a wonderful experience. This is not your typical conference and you will not be disappointed. My greatest celebration has come since going back into my classroom. I have taken small steps and in one week have already seen a change in my students!
Sarah Voyles http://mrsvoylesclassroom.blogspot.com/